About Surf Solomons

Surf Solomons a social enterprise working in partnership with village people of the Solomon Islands. We combine knowledge of the surf breaks, culture and environment to offer what for many will be a life changing, ethical surf tourism experience.  Surf Solomons is working to develop alternative models of tourism that provide real benefits to local people and strengthen their culture, environment and way of life.  A surfing tour or expedition with us is a unique experience and an opportunity to share in this world with the help of experienced guides that have a long history of involvement in the local communities.

We come as guests in tribal lands and waters and respect local beliefs local people and the environment

On a Surf Solomons guided expedition we go to places where very few tourists or any outsiders go. People on our trips have the unique opportunity of receiving a genuine welcome and making real friends with the people they meet in some of the most remote communities in the Pacific.
The expeditions provide many opportunities to observe and share in a very different way of life.

All land and reefs are part of customary tribal land ownership systems. We visit their land and surf on their reefs as guests of tribes and families with complex social connections. Our tours are done in a very sensitive way: respecting local beliefs, local people and the environment. We aim to pass on as much benefit as possible to locals to improve their lives in sustainable ways and are actively involving village men, women and young people.

Surf Solomons guides provide an in depth cultural insight as well as information about the land and sea ecology and its use by local people. Experiences include local music, dancing, food, practical crafts and markets, all in their vibrant living form, and not recreated for tourists. People who come on our tours are inspired and challenged to reflect on their own western lives when experiencing the simplicity and richness of traditional village life.