Other Island Activities

The Solomon Islands is among the most biologically and culturally diverse places on earth

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Surf Solomons is about real travel – experiencing and interacting with another way of life that is so different from our own. There are a lot of ways to experience this world in between a typical two to three surfs a day or on the very rare day when there is no surf. Other things you might want to do when you come on a journey with us:

  • fishing Solwata Surf Trips Solomon Islands
  • Surf Solomons Solwata Surf Camp Relaxing in the Hammock
  • Solomon Islands Waterfall
  • trading shells Solomon Islands Surf Solomons
  • Surf Solomons Activities Diving and Snorkelling
  • Surf Solomons Fishing Activities
  • Solomon Islands Village Surf Solomons
  • Surf Solomons longboard handstand
  • Surf Solomon Wave riding fun
  • Surf Solomons Solwata Surf Camp Coral seas
  • Catch some fish in our boat or take a dugout
  • Dive with the locals at night
  • Plan a Bush, food garden or village walk
  • Visit a local market where the Solwata people trade with the bush people
  • Go snorkelling, swimming or paddling in the lagoon in a dugout
  • Refresh in a pristine spring
  • Take a Rainforest and waterfall trek
  • Chill out in a hammock
  • visit a local school or clinic
  • teach some kids how to surf
  • show the village a video….
  • Get to know the locals and make some life long friends

Explore a Pristine Underwater World

Colourful living reefs abundant in bright coloured fish and corals