Charters and Private Expeditions

Surf Solomons specialise in adventure surf travel and can help design and organize an unforgettable expedition

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Trip Planning

Your expedition can be as extravagant or as simple as you like. Surf Solomons can organize luxury boats, charter small local inter-island ships, arrange home stays in remote villages and coordinate inter-island transfers on boats or planes.

Possible itineraries could include: Live aboard boat tour of remote atolls, land based adventure with use of a outboard motor surf boat on any number of unexplored little islands. Experience village life with authentic home stays in some of the most remote locations in the world. Organizing such trips without local knowledge leads to travel delays, difficulty in finding waves, communication challenges and unnecessary risks. Surf Solomons can also offer surf and cultural guides to join your yacht charter.


With over 15 years of village based experience across the Solomons, you will be hard pressed to find a guide that knows the place and the surf better. Surf Solomons can organize and lead your adventure with places to stay, reef access, understanding of local culture and customs, the best food available locally, act as translators and help bridge the cultural divide of areas that rarely receive outsiders. Our knowledge of swell and typical reef, wind and tide conditions will help find those elusive and rarely surfed waves. However, during these adventure expeditions, anything is possible.

Risk Management

Surf Solomons understands the risks and will provide a briefing on what might go wrong. We will provide information on the health and other risks of travel and surfing in each different area. We will help you plan to minimize these risks. In the event of an emergency, our knowledge of the Solomons will help in responding to such events. Optional satellite phones and safety gear on boats are available.


Most surf breaks in the Solomons Islands are well offshore and require an outboard motor boat. Fuel and boats are expensive here and not always available.

Fees and Costs

Surf adventures in the Solomons are not for the faint hearted or for those on a tight budget. We will negotiate and then pass on all costs directly to you with no surcharge – for boat and ship hire, transport, accommodation whether in resorts or villages, cooking, local guides, custom fees but without you having to worry about the details, the negotation and knowing what are fair and reasonable rates.

For our services we charge a flat rate of AUD$300 per day per guide plus a flat pre-tour preparation charge of AUD$1000. For particularly complex expeditions, this fee may increase but will be openly discussed in the initial consultations, which are offered free of charge.

For more information or to start planning your customised surfing expedition please email us