• Tai Surf Break Solomon Islands Solwata Surf Camp
  • Tai Surf Break Solomon Islands Solwata Surf Camps



Tai Surf Break

This reef passage is a real swell magnet and there is pretty much always a wave to be had on the incoming tide here even if its flat everywhere else. It breaks more like a beach break with shifting left and right peaks. On a good day there can be some fun, peaky and fast waves. Its surfable up to 4 foot. On the inside is a magic hollow left called Beacons that breaks when the swell is up and is offshore in conditions when many other waves are blown out. Tai is consistent and is often a wave surfed on our trips but rarely photographed because of the need to drop surfers off behind the wave and then park the boat on the inside of the lagoon. It can be a long fast right hander and often has left peaks as well. Most of the time theres plenty of water on the inside to paddle into the boat when finished.