The Solomon Islands

Third largest archipelago in the South Pacific

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Swell Direction North & South Shore Forecast

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North Shore

The best season for waves is October to April when the North Pacific awakens. Long period ground swells regularly hit exposed north facing coasts including Malaita, Ysabel and Makira. The same swells which hit the North Shore of Hawaii reach the Solomons some days later – at reduced size and very long period. Swell is usually 3 to 6 feet but can be bigger.

South Shore

There are also less consistent southerly swells from the Coral Sea which reach south facing islands including Gizo and South Guadalcanal. The swell window between Australia and New Caledonia is quite narrow but straight southerly swells that tend to miss the east coast of Australia in late winter can sometimes reach the Solomons. Tropical depressions in the coral sea and Western Pacific can generate localised swell from the north and south.

Solomon Islands Archipelago

Covers about 1.35 million square kilometres of sea and 27556 sq km of land and has six major islands forming a scattered double chain of 922 islands, atolls and cays, which vary from large, rugged, rainforest covered, mountainous islands to low-lying coral atolls.

Marine Biodiversity

The Solomon Islands are part of the Coral Triangle which has the highest marine biodiversity in the world.

A Last Surfing Frontier

The archipelago has excellent surf, you can be among the first to surf new breaks. It is one of the last surfing frontiers and has been labelled by some as the new bali for its uncrowded surf perfection in a pristine natural and cultural environment.

Tribal Culture

A hundred local languages and a population living largely a subsistence lifestyle on their ancestral lands.

Capital City - Honiara

The capital is Honiara, located on the island of Guadalcanal – famous for its world war II battles. A night in Honiara is usually required at the end of our tours before flying back to Brisbane. Honiara is an interesting stop over with the right advice on what to do and where to go and not to go.
When staying on in Honiara for accommodation we recommend Rain Tree Bed and Breakfast. Alternatively you can select your own hotel on the Solomon Islands Hotels website