Surf Trip Testimonials

What surfers are saying about their trip

“The highlight was not seeing a single other tourist for the two weeks we were there. The locals treat you like royalty and could not be friendlier. I’d imagine a similar experience would have been Indonesia thirty years ago. Tony gave us great insights into the fascinating cultural, political and social histories of each area we stayed. The best travel experience that I have had and that is before mentioning the waves!”

Henry Berresford, Jersey, U.K., December 2008

“Fantastic trip, everything I could have asked for and more! Surfed six different waves over a two week period all to ourselves. Waves ranged from playful to boardbreaking. The village stays were an amazing experience meeting so many friendly locals and sharing the Solomons culture. Great cooking from Cynthia and thanks to Tony for making the trip run so smoothly considering no tourists ever come to Malaita!”

Rich Jersey, C.I., U.K., December 2008

“Wow, where to begin? The adventure provided by Tony and Jon is one of the most memorable surfing trips I’ve ever had. Its not often surfing trips enable you to immerse yourself in such an amazing culture. Though the waves do not quite rival that of Indo, they are perfect and pack a punch, but the best thing about the surfing is you are guaranteed not to see another surfer in the line up other then the guys you are on the trip with. This trip is for all those surfers out there looking to get off the beaten track and gain an amazing experience. Would I go back? Absolutely!”

Tim Veness, Gold Coast, Australia, December 2009

“I wanted to thank you and Steve… what an unbelievable experience I have had!! Whilst we scored such fun waves in world class surf, it was the way you run your operation and the people involved that made the trip. Joyce is amazing – she really seems to understand exactly what we would like and it made things so relaxing. Jack was a character – his organization getting me back to Honiara was perfect. Steve did a superb job ensuring everything continued on smoothly. My ability certainly didn’t do justice to the seemingly endless potential of the North Malaita region. Steve and I surfed The Mountain one afternoon and scored perfect little 2’ – 3’ lefts – just the two of us out… it was a special session as we had expected it to be too small to surf. Yesterday we had a great session at Charlie’s (both the right and the left) with all the boys getting a few crackers. In the afternoon, we surfed Fou-Fou (on the right) for my last surf… and again all the boys were into it getting some of the more solid waves we had seen! It was a great crew and I was really sorry to say goodbye”

Chris Pope, Sydney, Australia, January 2010

“I was completely blown away with the trip! The people and surf are amazing along with every aspect of the trip. To be honest I didn’t really know what to expect before I left so I decided to approach the trip with no expectations and just flow and I couldn’t have imagined a more memorable time. I feel the work that you and Steve are doing there is very honourable which is rare these days.”

Kieren Weston, Byron Bay, Australia. January 2010

“The Solomon Islands are a beautiful place with fun waves and this was one of my most memorable surf trips.'” (read more in Surfing World article on our media page)

Rob Bain, Oneil, Australia, February 2009