Surf Solomon Islands guided surfing expeditions

The waves ...

Here are a few samples of some of the waves discovered on our expeditions. We are not saying much about where these are or even the names of these breaks. These waves are going unridden every day! Each expedition is discovering new waves and surfing known breaks in new conditions. You could be among the first to surf a wave and in any case you will certainly feel that way with all the waves you surf on a Surf Solomons expedition.


The surf:

Consistent 3 to 6 foot swell during the koburu season (November to April).
All waves are on coral reef breaks. Amazing colour and sea life is part of the experience but care must be taken.
A range of known left and right breaks with varying swell, tide and wind requirements - more waves to explore!
Waves range from hollow & shallow reef breaks to easy walling waves on deep water ending in a channel
Waves are suited to beginners through to advanced surfers depending on conditions.
rightwall hollowleft
left righthander


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