Transport and Getting Around

It’s not the destination its the journey

The Solomons Islands has a very limited transport infrastructure. We do our best to make these transport connections work but delays are always a possibility and ‘the journey is the destination’ is a good phrase to keep in mind.  The tour starts when we pick you up at your hotel in Honiara in the early morning. You will have flown into Honiara the afternoon before. We take you down to the Point Cruz wharf area to board our ship.

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Inter Island Ship

To get to our island destination surf we travel on a fast, air conditioned inter island fast boat. You will be seated in clean and comfortable chairs much like a bus. The trip takes about 3 hours.


To get up to the surf zone of the island we travel in our own open back truck on a rough gravel road or sometimes all the way in our surf boat . The journey takes 3 to 5 hours. Its very scenic and a good time to brief you on rural life and the cultural norms and history of villages in the Solomons. We usually stop at a beautiful river along the way for lunch and a swim. We are in the surf on the afternoon of Day1 of your journey.

Surf Boat

From the Solwata surf camp we have our own 40HP 4-stroke Honda and Yamaha outboard motor boats for daily access to the off shore surf breaks and moving between Solwata camp and village satellite stays. Our boat has a canopy for shade and our local knowledge of each area is essential to get to the outer reefs and find the best waves available. It is fast and safe and all our packages include daily boat usage with fuel at no extra charges. The local geography means even in rough conditions we can travel safely inside the lagoon.